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Residential New Construction

Other Services

-Blower Door & Duct Testing Only

       Energy Diagnostics will come out and            perform Blower Door and/or Duct                Testing only as required by state energy        codes. (Most states require these tests            whether the performance or prescriptive          code compliance options are being used)

-Manual J, D, & S

       We have an in house ACCA accredited          residential HVAC systems designer to            complete state energy code required              manuals for equipment sizing and                  layout.

-REScheck Reports

       If the performance code is not your              thing, we also have in house ICC                  certified plans examiners who can                  complete the prescriptive total UA                compliance path throught the REScheck        software.

Our Energy Rating Process

-Energy Diagnostics is a third party, independent consulting company hired to perform energy 

 modeling, inspections, and testing. We become involved in a project at the design phase, and  visit the home multiple times throughout the construction process. Our rigorous process enables  the construction of energy efficient homes that achieve code compliance and/or above code program certification, using  the most cost effective strategies and industry proven best practices.

-The first critical inspection our team does is an insulation inspection. At this time, we verify that  specific building practices and criteria are being met. Some examples of what we look for are:  ample air sealing, effective air barriers, and properly installed insulation. Verifying that these  areas are being carefully completed ensures that the home will be comfortable and healthy for the  homeowner, with lower utility bills.

-The second critical inspection that takes place happens at the end of construction. At this time,  Energy Diagnostics completes the air leakage test (blower door), duct leakage testing, and  records all components that impact energy. We then take all verified components and test results  to complete a HERS rating.

-The HERS rating is unique for each home, and has many features. One component of the rating  is the HERS score. This numerical value represents the home’s energy efficiency; the lower the  number, the more energy efficient the home is. Each point lowered on the HERS scale represents  1% energy reduction for that home. The rating also includes an energy portfolio for the  homeowner. The portfolio details all of the home’s energy features, expected energy usage, and  annual energy cost.

-Builders and homeowners can rest easy knowing that Energy Diagnostics is a completely  unbiased third party contractor. Our sole purpose is to verify, test, and ultimately rate a home’s  energy efficiency. We are proud to offer services that help builders provide comfortable, healthy,  cost conscious homes.

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